Sunday, October 16, 2011

Provincetown 2011 Revisited

Well, it took me long enough but I've finally chosen a few of the 900 photos I took at the 5th International Encaustic Conference held in Provincetown, MA. I decided to group them into three categories, conference, people and Provincetown. Most are in the last category as I really had a great time walking around town and taking photos, especially as the sun went down (really, the only time I was able to get out after the day's activities of the conference).

The Conference

Lobby/Main Desk of the Hotel

 Tablecloth at the Provincetown Inn

 Map of the Cape at the hotel

  Hallway at the hotel

Lady of the Hotel

  If anyone can identify where this was taken at the Inn, I'll buy you dinner at the next conference 2012

 Presented to Joanne Mattera

 Location of some of the post conference workshops

Tools of the trade at Elena De La Ville's workshop

People (overlaps with the conference category)

 Erin at Registration

 Erin Again

 Seriously at Work - Lisa Pressman and Sara Mast

The Boss - Joanne Materra - 
Joanne hates this picture (corollary to Joanne loves this red)

Stellar Panel : Jeff Shaller, Nancy Natale, Linda Womack, Cherie Mittenthal

 The origin of the encaustic monotype/monoprint - Dorothy Furlong-Gardner

 Quintessential Monotype/Monoprint and Stencil - David Clark

Group Hug - David Clark, Kathleen Lemoine, Dorothy Furlong-Gardner, Joanne Mattera

Catherine Nash

Catherine Nash and Cherie Mittenthal

 The Queen Bee is Crowned- Joanne Mattera  with Nancy Natale and Cherie Mittenthal

The Queen Bee and her Cronies - Joanne Mattera (R), Nancy Natale (L), Cherie Mittenthal (Center)

Hylla Evans (middle) in the vender room

 Hylla Evans and Vincent Deshais in the lobby

Enkaustikos People: Mike Lesczinski and Kathy Bevier in the vender room

Vincent Deshais in the vender room

Dorothy Furlong-Gardner and Vincent Deshais in the vender room 

Miles Conrad in the vender room

Cherie Mittenthal at one of the Demos

 Textures with Gregory Wright - Torchman 

Lynette Haggard demonstrating how to use a torch

Nancy Natale - Art Trade

 Lisa Pressman - Art Trade

Nancy Natale and Lisa Pressman at the Art Trade

 Joanne Mattera and Nancy Natale at the Art Trade

  David Clark and Chrie Mittenthal at the Art Trade
 Judith Barrie and Nikki D. May

Nikki D. May

Richard Frumess - reflected


Celebrity on the beach

Going into town
All stacked up and ready to go
Toward evening
Dufy type view
Another Dufy type view

 Thousands of migrating gulls


Almost no light left for photography

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Please also notice the panorama near sundown
which is the header for this blog.