Sunday, February 2, 2014

Revised 01/04/2014
Encaustic Painting Workshops
with Norman Soskel and Judith Barrie
Fridays at the Germantown Hobby Lobby on Exeter

Norman Soskel, president of BluesWax, a chapter of the International Encaustic Artists, and  Judith Barrie, secretary of
BluesWax will conduct basic and extended techniques workshops in  encaustic painting for artists of  all levels of
experience using this most archival of processes. Learn the techniques of painting with encaustic paint that have survived
2500 years and use modern materials to produce beautiful works that utilize the translucency and brilliance that only
beeswax can provide. In these 5 hour workshops, the student will have an appreciation for the safe use of encaustic
materials, understand the historical aspects and materials and tools available, use various techniques that include incising,
mark making, photo transfers, layering and others.

Norman Soskel is an artist known for his expertise in photography and painting with encaustic paints and has developed an
international reputation for unique techniques.  

Judith Barrie is known for her watercolors and oil paintings as well as her
encaustic monotypes. These workshops will bring to the attendee aspects of that experience and each person will produce 3-
4 pieces during the day.

Cost: $100 (all supplies, tools, etc. included)
Location: Hobby Lobby Hours: 12:00-5:00 PM each session
1991 Exeter Road These workshops are for adults (18 and above) only
Germantown, TN 38138

Space is Limited so Get Your Deposit in Soon

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Workshop Registration Form
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Please specify the date(s) of the session(s) you wish to attend:

Basic Techniques
____February 8, 2014           ______February 28, 2014           _____ April 11, 2014

Extended Techniques (basic techniques or significant prior expertise required as pre-requisite)
____March 14, 2014             _____ May 23, 2014                    _____ June 27, 2014

To reserve your place in the workshop send registration form and a minimum of $35 deposit (for each workshop
you wish to attend) made payable to Norman Soskel to:
 Norman Soskel
2223 Wickersham Lane
Germantown, TN 38139

The remainder of the workshop fee is due by the date of the session.

For additional information please contact Norman Soskel,  or
901 230 8083.

Note: Deposit is not refundable.