Sunday, September 9, 2012

EncausitCon 2012 - Final Days

The International Encaustic Artists' Board and all the committees have produced an incredible conference with an atmosphere of camaraderie and open sharing of ideas that is hard to match. They've spent countless hours on this conference and the results show it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I have been asked to participate with a lecture or demo again next year. I would personally like to thank all the people involved in producing this event. Here are a few of the images I took over the last few days since the previous post.

Michelle Belto, this year's boss
Me with Johanna Gardner, 2nd in command

Janet Hickok and I,  Photo by Judith Barrie

Me with Harriet Tsosie, Photo by Judith Barrie

Daniella Woolf and I, Photo by Judith Barrie

Rodney Thompson and I, Photo by Judith Barrie

Katherine DaLuz Maple, techno boss

IEA's Decision Making Process, Dianne Erickson

Larraine Seiden with Her Painting That I Won

Me and Linda Womack, Photo by Judith Barrie

Jess Green, Linda Womack and Judith Barrie

Eileen Goldenberg and I, Photo by Judith Barrie

Robert Dodge, Margaret Bertrand and I

Patricia Seggebruch and I

Dianne Erickson

Manuela Kalestiantz
Diane Kleiss

Josie Rodriguez and Judith Barrie

Willow Bader

Me with Next Year's Boss, Ann-Marie Barker
Some things don't change....
Munchie machines
Sculpture in Downtown San Antonio
Bar Scene, Texas Style
Construction Site of New Performing Arts Center
Artist's Rendition of Final Product

San Antonio Sunset Skyline Panorama

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